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It's our job to help you

It is Our Job to Help You


  About eSpace - Employment - Moving Minds To The Right Place - People, Power, Future.

Why choose our services

Our process

We have specialist in all Sector's

Whether they're recruiting in Call Centre's, or the Corporate Sector you won’t find them working in areas outside their field of expertise.

Fast and reliable service

Whether you need help with finding the perfect candidate, advice on the current market or your next job, you can rely on us.

Discretion you can trust

Whether you are looking for your next career move or just some advice, you can count on our full discretion: Your privacy is our highest priority. Contact us and see for yourself.

Our obligation

Understanding our clients

Why the vacancy has been created and carry out a job analysis to evaluate why there is a need for a new candidate.




Our team

Will look for candidates appropriately qualified for your job opening. 


During the screening process, we will look at each candidate’s application and establish if they qualify to progress further.

Leave it to us

To find the best candidates. We already have their experience on paper, now’s the time to discover what sets them apart.

The Candidates

The Candidates you meet are more than

a good fit on paper. They’ve been interviewed to make sure they have the right personality traits, too;


Positive and optimistic attitude.
Motivation to do the job.
Flexible and adaptable to change.
Professional conduct.
Good communication skills.
Reliability to get the job done.

Relationships matter 

So our service won’t just end when we fill

a role.

Personal visits.
Regular check-ups.
Helpful consultants.

ESpace will work hard to:

Understand your needs.

Provide a solution specific to a situation.    

Follow-up and keep in touch. 

We do not pretend that we can get it right every time but that is our goal.

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